Laser Fun Day Volunteers Needed!

Good afternoon Optical Sciences,

Laser fun day is fast approaching on the first of March, and we need you to help run demos and teach kids about optics. We are looking for people to work one of two sessions. Morning shift will be from 9:00 am to 11:45 am and then the second group will take over till 3:15 pm. As an added bonus we will be feeding all the volunteers as well, so if you’re interested in volunteering please email and let us know what time you would be available.

Below is a list of demos we are planning to use, if you are familiar with any of these demos and have a preference for which demo you would like to present then include that in your email. No experience necessary come help and have a good time, and tell your friends.

Look forward to seeing you there.

- Johnathan Cushing

Reply to SOCk at:<>

Demo list:

1. Far IR Camera (FLIR)

2. Near IR Camera (surveillance camera)

3. 3D, using passive 3D TV

4. 3D. How students can make their own 3D images

5. Giant meter square Fresnel lens, to melt lava rocks using the sun, and make volcanic Obsidian

6. Rainbow simulator

7. LCD screen demo—see a working LCD screen taken apart

8. Bouncing laser beam in sugar water in Karo syrup, mirages, refraction

9. How do CD/DVD/Blu Ray players work?

10. Electric pickle demo–sodium doublet, 589, same as street light

11. Spectroscopy. Looking at emission lines from plasma tubes and other light sources with diffraction glasses

12 . Schlieren imaging

13. Light and color, using colored LED flashlights and filters

14. Birefringent demo using cellophane and polarized LCD screens

15. TIR, using 6′ acrylic rod and a laser, and fiber bundles

16. Laser music transmitter, using pulse width modulation

17. Solar telescope, for looking at the sun’s corona, flares, using H-Alpha Filter during the day

18. Index matching trick, making glass disappear in index matching liquid

19. Floating pig demo

20. Einstein inverted face illusion

21. Laser Graffiti – Drawing with Lasers or “Laser Projector”

22. Laser Maze

23. Ooblek Monster/Waves in Non-newtonian fluids